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Mu Legend Would Possess Powerful Area Of Effect Skills

Mu Legend, a complete successful Mu Online, as Mu Online sequel, it implemented a lot of achievement. As a prequel in the MU universe, it's a stylish hack-and-slash MMO that serves. Nowly, with this new Closed Beta version focusing on localisation updates, even more players from Europe, North/South America and all over the world are expected to arrive on the continent of MU compared to Closed Beta1. Do you Intend to buy cheapest Mu Legend Zen from

Four classes will be available to choose from in the beta, including the Whisperer, an energetic bow-wielder, and the War Mage, a spellcaster who also comes equipped with a rather large axe, with more coming as the game launches. More Mu Legend latest news or guides, cheap Mu Legend Power Leveling for sale, u4gm is your top choice.

The part that intrigued us was that all classes in MU Legend would possess powerful area of effect skills right from the start in order to empower all characters regardless of their level. The four classes available (Dark Lord, Whisperer, Blader, and War Mage) will be offering a great deal of character and skill customization to help players define their own playstyle.

For its PvE maps, new PvE maps include the Infinite Tower, Blood Castle, and a maze dungeon, while the new PvP content include 10v10 mode similar to "point capture". Knight League is actually a guild and guild war system. A guild can have its airship, which can be invaded by other guilds. Guild airship is like a dungeon itself with a lot of traps and monsters. As the best Mu Legend Zen seller at, u4gm was highly appreciated by gamers.


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